Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Recipe on Downunder Kitchen: J's Chicken Curry

Well, I've already mentioned on here that I'm a bit of a cooking buff.
Aside from the pot burning incident, a few occasions when I've served my family some nasty glop for dinner, and the first year of my married life, when I fed my hard-working husband 2-minute noodles for dinner every night, I've mostly shaped up to be a fairly decent cook.

Although I juggle a lot of plates, I occasionally find time to blog about a favourite hand-me-down recipe on my cooking blog, Downunder Kitchen.
Today's recipe is an old family favourite: J's Chicken Curry. Before it was J's (that's me!), it was Ruth's (my mum). And before it was Ruth's I don't know whose it was, but it doesn't matter anymore, because it's OUR family tradition now! It's a simple recipe, so I hope you'll hop on to Downunder Kitchen and take a look.
Ooo-roo! (means "see ya later!")

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