A Million Steps? Huh?

No, I'm not planning to walk The Great Wall of China... nor do I even know how many steps that might take, although I suppose I could google it!

The title of my blog is actually about faithfulness. It's about seeing every routine task and responsibility as an opportunity to grow into a person of steady character who can be faithful not only with little, but with much.

Every person who has achieved something great in their lives has allowed themselves to be trained in their daily circumstances. They have not languished around feeling sorry for themselves or wishing for a brighter tomorrow. Rather they have decided on a daily basis to keep their heart and attitude right, and to do their work before God to the best of their abilities.

One of my favourite Bible characters is Joseph, the dreamer. I believe he was like this. The Dreamworks movie Joseph King of Dreams shows the real-ness of Joseph's struggle while he was in jail, falsely accused and forgotten for many years. But even though he felt abandoned, he continued to maintain a right attitude. How do I know this? Not because he nurtured a tree while he was in jail, that's just Hollywood embellishment, although very compelling.  No, I know it because every time he was called on for an answer, he gave it without bitterness, contempt or self motivation. This is the kind of person God can use as a leader.

So for me, this is the type of person I want to become. There's still a heck of a lot of  ME in there, and that's OK- plenty of it is allowed to stay! But like Joseph, God has given me big dreams too, and so I know I need to learn to keep a right heart - a teachable heart- to allow God to change me and whittle away all the rough spots so He can use me where He plans to.

Every day I, we all, face many decision points. Points where we can choose a selfish attitude or a selfless one. Points where we can choose to do what our flesh wants, or stay on the path that we KNOW is good for us. Each decision, each choice we make, is a step in either the right or the wrong direction. A Million Small Steps is a blog about facing choices, and developing the character of a leader. I hope you'll journey with me.

Juliet,  September 2010.